No Comply. 

No Comply. 

Alder Wilson

Nickname: Brooks

Instagram: @alderw

When I'm not skating: I'm making sandwiches

Go-to curb trick: Frontside slappy grind

Favorite rapper: RIP PIMP C

Taco of choice: Bacon/potato/bean

Meanest thing you've ever done: I broke my brother's collarbone once

Favorite skate video: Prevent this Tragedy 

Ever read a book: Thrasher

Think you could do the loop: Nah

Witches or warlocks: Witches

How high can you ollie: At least two boards

Worst trend: Wrist guards  

Favorite skateboarder: Jeff Rasp

After-sesion beverage: Michelada 

Other sponsors: No-Comply Skateshop, PurpleWax, Pugsly Sticker Co.

Best advice you ever got: Keep them hands down —J.Scott