Max with a properly dipped back smith on a bump to window ledge.

Max Taylor

Nickname: Maxwell

Instagram: @macktyler43

When I'm not skating: Private biz, dog, getting in shape to skate, enjoying beautiful Austin, TX, rivers and bike trails, bartending weekends with Shortbus, should probably go back to school

Go-to curb trick: slap blunt 

Favorite rapper: Lil' Keke

Taco of choice: Casa de Luz macrobiotic vegan breakfast tacos 

Meanest thing you've ever done: called someone a kook for skating a certain way because I cared too much, which was kooky

Favorite skate video: Vicious Cycle 

Ever read a book: Yeah, man

Think you could do the loop: For sure. Just let me use of few of my nine lives 

Witches or warlocks: Bitches 

How high can you ollie: Probably a few bump to bars a week when healthy 

Worst trend: motorized skateboards, drone filming, playin' yourself, and definitely Segways 

Favorite skateboarder: Silas or Zered 

After-sesion beverage: Turmeric tonic + coconut water 

Other sponsors: No Comply, Converse flow, Bones wheels + bearings, Ripndip

Best advice you ever got: Get the MRI - get insurance