Here's the deal: we sponsor random homies for the period of one month. Send in your sponsor-me video and if you're chosen to push with The Program, you'll get a box of four boards (a board a week for each week you're on the team), we'll post your video part and you can submit clips to our award-winning Instagram account. After your month is up—that's it; we kick your ass off.

BUT… winners get 5 discount codes, enabling you to order Program products at 40-percent off. So even though you get the boot, you still get to ride our banging-ass boards at bargain-basement prices. 

So how do you enter? It's easy! Simply send a link to your footage to Winners will be required to send a raw edit of their part—no music, just the raw skate clips—so that we can replace your song with something we can actually listen to.

Good luck out there,
-The Programmers

Here are all of the previous Pushing With The Program winners.
Your footage needs to be at least this good!