Ryan pretty much exclusively skates spots that aren't spots. This planter crook bonk is no exception.

Ryan Holloway

Nickname: Squirt

Instagram: @ryanholloway123

When I'm not skating: I’m learning

Go-to curb trick: Backside slappy 50-50

Favorite rapper: Hustleburry Fin 

Taco of choice: Egg, chorizo, avocado, corn tortillas, salsa verde

Meanest thing you've ever done: Back in 2007, I didn't tip a server at a Waffle House. I had exactly the amount due (thanks to the loose change in my car). I feel bad about it to this day. I am sorry, Lorretta. Please forgive me!

Favorite skate video: Menikmati

Ever read a book: I’m currently reading four

Think you could do the loop: Only if it was my only passage out of a war zone

Witches or warlocks: Is neither a response?

How high can you ollie: As high as my legs can stretch that day. Usually around waist high

Worst trend: Self entitlement

Favorite skateboarder: Daewon Song

After-sesion beverage: Wunder-Pilz Kombucha

Other sponsors: My mom

Best advice you ever got: Always do your best simply because you can