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I think we can all agree that the circle of life is pretty incredible, right? Not really. I think, instead of animals having to decay in order to support plant life, when they die (or we die) plants should just start sprouting from our carcasses as if we're filled with seeds. Kind of like what this sweet-ass graphic from Michael Sieben depicts. What kind of plant would sprout from your carcass? 

  • Multiple sizes available
  • 8.0 Width Specs:
    • Shape - OG
    • Wheelbase - 14.25"
    • Length - 32.6"
  • 8.5 Width Specs:
    • Shape - OG
    • Wheelbase - 14.25"
    • Length - 31.5"
  • Top colors are random
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OG - The OG shape is our standard street deck: straight rails with a slightly tapered nose and tail. If you've been skating for more than five years, this is probably what you think a non-shaped deck is supposed to look like. If it ain't broke…

TUGBOAT - With a fuller and slightly squared-off nose and tail, the Tugboat is a contemporary take on the standard-issue popsicle. If you're looking for a little more cushion for your pushin', then jump on a Tugboat and float into some slappies in style. Side effects may include body varials and track pants. But that's totally cool.