Texas sized frontside aerial, with classic style.

Trace Saylor

Nickname: Alvin Norman Saylor III

Instagram: @tracesaylor

When I'm not skating: I'm a pet detective

Go-to curb trick: Front shuv

Favorite rapper: Bowie

Taco of choice: Breakfast

Meanest thing you've ever done: Threw a cheeseburger at Brian Gonterman

Favorite skate video: Life of Ryan

Ever read a book: Jungle Book

Think you could do the loop: Again?

Witches or warlocks: Wizards of radical

How high can you ollie: For sure. Five maybe six

Worst trend: Harambe

Favorite skateboarder: Broussard, Correa, Trahan

After-sesion beverage: Ice Cold Busch

Other sponsors: Select, Pizza Pockets, Monster, Redbull, Nike, Adidas, Toyota, iPod, Roger Sticker Team.

Best advice you ever got: You can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd